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Hewlett-Packard Application Notes



The listing gives the following information:

  • AN-Nbr - The original numerical classification made by HP.
  • DATE - When their is one appearing somewhere in the application note.
  • Related Instr - The instrument for which the application note has been edited (if any). Or the
    instrument typical of the AN subject. XX number completion is frequently used and
    the "++" notation stand for "reference to the overall product line of the instrument listed"
  • TITLE - The exact title and sub-title if any of the application note.


Application Notes
AN Number DATE Related Instr TITLE
AN-100 1968 - Acoustics Hanbook
AN-101 1963 7560-7561A Multiplication and Division by Logarithms (HP-Moseley Division)
AN-102 1963 7000-7100 Program Controllers (HP-Moseley Division)
AN-105 1961 MOSELEY Polarography
AN-105 1967 - Polarography (HP-Moseley Division)
AN-106 1967 135-Moseley Electric Motor Testing Performance (HP-Moseley Division)
AN-107 1965 - Guard Circuits (HP-Moseley Division)
AN-108 1966 101-Moseley Hysteresis Curve Plotting (HP-Moseley Division)
AN-109 1969 62XX Power Supply Overvoltage "CROWBARS"
AN-110 1968 8410 Anrenna/Radome Boresight Error Measurements
AN-112-1 1968 675-676A Low-Frequency Network Analysis with the 675A/676A
AN-112-2 1969 675-676A Using the 675A/676A Network Analyzer as an Educational Tool
AN-114 1969 653A A2A Video Transmission System Alignment
AN-115 1970 - Principles of Cathode-Ray Tubes, Phosphors, and High-Speed Oscillography
AN-116 1969 5360A Precision Frequency Measurements
AN-117-1 1970 8410 Microwave Network Analyzer Applications
AN-117-2 1971 8410-11608A Stripline Component Measurements with the 8410A Network Analyzer
AN-118 1970 1815A Dielectric Measurements with Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-120 1969 5360A A New Technique for Pulsed RF Measurements
AN-120-2 1970 5360A Measuring Phase with the 5360A Computing Counter
AN-120-3 1970 5360A Non-Linear Systems Applications of the Computing Counter System
AN-121-1 1970 8407A Network Analysis with the HP 8407A 0,1 - 110 MHz
AN-121-2 1970 8407A Swept Impedance with the HP 8407A 0,1 - 110 MHz
AN-122 1968 8551A EMI Measurement Procedure (according to MIL-STD 826A)
AN-123 1970 - Floating Measurements and Guarding
AN-124 1970 - True RMS Measurements
AN-125 1970 3480B-2912A Data Acquisition - 3480B Digital Voltmeter - 2912A Scanner - 2547A Coupler
AN-126 1970 3590A Theory and Applications of Wave Analyzers
AN-127 1970 5480B Signal Averaging Enhancement of RF and Pulse Measurements
AN-128 1970 6177B-618XB Applications of a DC Constant Current Source
AN-129 ? - Logic Timing Measurements
AN-130 1970 2570A Instrumentation Control with the HP Coupler/Controller
AN-131 1971 2570-2575A Time-Sharing Based Instrumentation Terminal
AN-132 1971 2570A-9100 Calculator Based Instrumentation Systems
AN-133-1 1971 3480-180A Low Frequency Pulse Amplitude Measurements
AN-133-2 1971 3485A A Guide to Remote Control of the 3485A Scanning Unit
AN-133-3 1971 3480-2070A A Guide to Using Data Storage
AN-133-4 1972 3480-2070A A Guide to Using Sample-and-Hold
AN-134 1971 8556A-8552B Audio Frequency Measurements with the 8556A-8552B Spectrum Analyzer
AN-135-1 1971 2116 ++ Computerized Data Acquisition Aids Final Testing
AN-135-2 1971 2116 ++ High-Volume Production Testing
AN-135-3 1971 2116 ++ Process Monitoring in Manufacturing
AN-135-4 1971 2116 ++ Closed-Loop Production Testing
AN-135-5 1971 2116 ++ A Mobile Process Control Laboratory
AN-135-6 1971 2116 ++ Computer Analysis Aids Battery Testing
AN-135-7 1971 2114-2116 ++ Data Acquisition and Analysis at Sea
AN-135-8 1971 2116 ++ Minicomputer System Aids Busy Psychology Lab
AN-135-9 1971 2116 ++ In-Flight Data Analysis Improves Airborne Research
AN-135-10 1971 2114 ++ Computer Speeds Gas Turbine Combustor Testing
AN-135-11 1971 2116 ++ Stable Measurements on the High Seas
AN-135-12 1971 2116 ++ Depot Testing of Avionic Modules
AN-135-13 1973 2116 ++ Domestic Communications Satellites - A World's First
AN-135-14 1972 2115 ++ Computerized Process Control Improves Sugar Refinery Production
AN-135-15 1972 2116 ++ Minicomputer System Benefits Fuel Cell Technology
AN-135-16 1972 2116 ++ Minicomputer Systems Aid Military Vehicle Testing
AN-135-17 1972 2116 ++ Testing Ovonic Read-Mostly Memories
AN-135-18 ? 2100A ++ An Automated Engine Laboratory in a Research Environment
AN-135-19 1972 2116 ++ Testing Thick-Film Hybrid Circuits
AN-135-21 1973 9500 ++ Viggen Avionics Support
AN-135-22 1973 2100 ++ Real-Time Multiprogramming System Boosts Productivity for NCR
AN-135-23 1973 9500 ++ Television Set Production Revolutionized by Automatic Alignment and Test
AN-135-24 1973 2100A ++ Automated System Improves Spacecraft Testing
AN-135-25 1973 2116 ++ Automation in Production Testing
AN-136 1973 8445B-8555A Understanding and Operating the 8555A Spectrum Analyzer and 8445B Preselector
AN-137 1971 4470A Probing Transistor Noise
AN-138 1971 5401B Multichannel Analyzer Applications
AN-139 1971 5586A Stabilizing Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Systems with the HP 5586A Spectrum Stabilizer
AN-140-0 ? 5450 Fourier Analayser Training Manual
AN-140-1 1971 5450 Detecting Sources of Vibration and Noise Using HP Fourier Analyzers
AN-140-2 1971 5450 Feedback Loop and Servomechanism Measurements Using HP Fourier Analyzers
AN-140-3 1972 5451 Dynamic Testing of Mechanical Systems Using Impulse Testing Techniques
AN-140-4 ? 5451 Digital Auto-Power Spectrum Measurements
AN-140-5 1973 5451 Measurement of Transfer Functions with Wide Dynamic Range
AN-140-6 1973 5451 Measurement of Machine Tool Vibration
AN-140-7 1974 5451 Nuclear Power Plant Diagnostics Using Fourier Analysis Techniques
AN-141 1971 5257A AM, FM Measurements with the Transfer Oscillator
AN-142-XX 1968 8551 EMI Measurement Procedure (With 8551 Calibration Slide Rule)
AN-142 1972 855X EMI Measurement Procedure
AN-144 ? - Understanding Microwave Frequency Measurements
AN-145-1 1971 2000C First Small Computer Solution to Text Editing Systems
AN-145-2 1971 2114 Minicomputer Untangles Massive Inventory Problem in Heavy Industry
AN-145-3 1971 2116B Flexible Computer-Controlled Laser System Revolutionizes Garment Industry
AN-145-4 1971 2000C Inexpensive Time-Share System Solves Unique College Registration Problems
AN-145-5 1971 2000C Computer System Helps Graduate Business School Teach Management Technology
AN-145-6 1972 2000C Dedicated Time-Sharing Fills Multitude of Management Needs
AN-145-7 1972 2000B Computer System Helps Motivate High School Students
AN-145-8 1972 - Minicomputer Systems Improve Auto Maker's Production Efficiency
AN-145-9 1972 2120A Low-Cost Batch System Streamlines Construction Projects
AN-145-9 1973 2100 Microprogrammable Mini Expand University Computer Science Program
AN-145-10 1972 2100A Rugged Minicomputer System Helps Ships Find the Sure, Safe Way
AN-145-11 1972 2000X Time-Shared Systems Expand Scope of Education
AN-145-12 1972 2000 Inexpensive Computer System "Does it All" for Small Manufacturer
AN-145-13 1972 2000 Computer Systems Raise Student Achievement Levels
AN-145-14 1972 2100 Small Computer System Pinpoints Suspects for Police Departments
AN-145-15 1973 2000 Computer Systems Help University Provide Quality, Personalized Instruction
AN-145-16 1973 2100 Small Computer System Keeps Apparel Industry in Style
AN-145-17 1973 2000 Versatile Computer Systems Streamlining Hawaiian Industry
AN-145-18 1973 2100 Small Computer System Keeps Meteorologists on Top of the Weather
AN-145-19 1973 200X Small System Provides Bank with Versatile New Problem-Solver
AN-145-20 1973 2100 Efficient Computer Systems Help Firm Maintain Competitive Edge
AN-145-25 1974 200X Computer Network Connects Field Offices and Manufacturing Divisions
AN-150 1974 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Spectrum Analyzer Basics
AN-150 1989 70XXX Spectrum Analysis…. Spectrum Analyzer Basics
AN-150A 1973 8558B Spectrum Analysis…. Using the 8558B Spectrum Analyzer
AN-150B 1978 8557A-8558B Spectrum Analysis…. Using the 8557A and 8558B Spectrum Analyzers
AN-150-1 1971 855X Spectrum Analysis Amplitude and Frequency Modulation
AN-150-1 1989 - Spectrum Analysis Amplitude and Frequency Modulation
AN-150-2 1971 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Pulsed RF (With Pulsed RF Calculator Slide Rule)
AN-150-3 1974 855X-8444A Spectrum Analysis…. Swept Frequency Measurements and Selective Frequency Counting with a Tracking Generator
AN-150-4 1974 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Noise Measurements
AN-150-5 1973 855X Spectrum Analysis…. CRT Photography and X-Y Recording Techniques
AN-150-6 1974 855X Spectrum Analysis…. CATV Proof of Performance
AN-150-7 1975 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Signal Enhancement
AN-150-8 1976 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Accuracy Improvement
AN-150-9 1976 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Noise Figure Measurement
AN-150-10 1976 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Field Strength Measurement
AN-150-11 1976 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Distortion Measurement
AN-150-12 1977 8565A-11517A Spectrum Analysis…. Using the HP 11517A External Mixer to 40 GHz
AN-150-13 1978 8565A-8709A Stimulus-Response Measurements… Using the HP 8565A Spectrum Analyzer from 2-18 GHz
AN-150-14 1978 855X Spectrum Analysis…. Using External Waveguide Mixers Above 40 GHz
AN-150-15 2004 VSA Vector Signal Analysis Basics
AN-151 1973 - Fundamentals of Air Navigational Systems
AN-152 1972 - Probing in Perspective
AN-153 1972 1415A-1815A Permeability, Permittivity and Conductivity Measurements with Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-153-1 1997 815X The Basics of Fiber Optic Measurement and Calibration
AN-154 1972 8410 ++ S-Parameter Design
AN-154 1990 8510-875X S-Parameter Design
AN-155-1 1976 8755 ++ Active Device Measurements with the HP 8755 Frequency Response Test Set
AN-155-2 1977 8755 ++ 100 dB Dynamic Range Measurements Using the HP 8755 Frequency Response Test Set
AN-155-3 1981 8755S Automating the HP 8755 Scalar Network Analyzer
AN-156-1 ? 5526A Laser Measurement System - Remote Laser Interferometry
AN-156-2 ? 5526A Laser Measurement System - Calibration of a Surface Plate
AN-156-3 1972 5510A Laser Measurement System - Principles of Automatic Compensation
AN-156-4 ? 5526A Laser Measurement System - Calibration of a Machine Tool
AN-156-4 ? 5526A Système de Mesure à Laser - Etalonnage d'une Machine Outil (French Translation of AN 156-4)
AN-156-5 1976 5526A Laser Measurement System - Measurement of Straightness of Travel
AN-156-5 1979 5526A Système de Mesure à Laser - Mesure de la Rectitude d'un Déplacement (French Translation of AN 156-5)
AN-157 1972 3570-3575 ++ Low Frequency Gain Phase Measurements
AN-158 1973 34XX ++ Selecting the Right DVM
AN-161-1 ? 9800-9830 Structural Engineering Applications - HP Series 9800 - The Name and Number That Save Time and Money
AN-161-2 ? 9800-9830 Electrical Engineering - Transformer Engineers Save Time, Improve Accuracy with Calculator-Aided Design
AN-162-1 ? 5326-5327 Time Interval Averaging
AN-163-1 1973 105XX Techniques of Digital Troubleshooting
AN-163-2 ? 161X-500X The IC Troubleshooters - New Techniques of Digital Troubleshooting
AN-164-1 1974 8660A-B Programming the 8660A/B Synthesized Signal Generator (Standard BCD Interface)
AN-164-2 1974 8660A-B Calculator Control of the 8660A/B/C Synthesized Signal Generator (Optional HP-IB Interface)
AN-164-3 1975 8660 New Techniques for Analyzing Phase Locked Loops
AN-164-4 1975 8660 Digital Phase Modulation (PSK) and Wideband FM… Using the 8660A/C Synthesized Signal Generator
AN-166 ? 131X-1321A Large Screen Display Applications and Interfacing
AN-166-2 ? 1304A Large Screen Display Applications and Interfacing (Supplement to AN 166)
AN-167-1 ? 5000A The Logic Analyzer
AN-167-2 ? 1601 Digital Triggering for Analog Measurements
AN-167-3 ? 1601 Functional Digital Analysis
AN-167-4 1975 1600A-1607A Engineering in the Data Domain Calls for a New Kind of Digital Instruments (Reprint from Electronics Magazine May 1/75)
AN-167-5 1975 1600A-1607A Troubleshooting in the Data Domain is Simplified by Logic Analyzers (Reprint from Electronics Magazine May 15/75)
AN-167-5 1975 1600A-1607A Le dépannage des Systèmes Travaillant dans le Domain des Etats est Simplifié par l'Emploi des Analyseurs Logiques
AN-167-6 ? 1600A Mapping a Dynamic Display of Digital System Operation
AN-167-7 ? 1600A Supplementary Data from Map Displays Without Changing Probes
AN-167-8 ? 1620A-7900A Stable Displays of Disc System Waveforms Synchronized to Record Address
AN-167-9 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of the Motorola M6800 Microprocessor System
AN-167-9 1976 1600A-1607A Analyse Fonctionnelle du Microprocesseur Motorola M6800 (French Translation of AN 167-9)
AN-167-10 ? 1620A Using the 1620A for Serial Pattern Recognition
AN-167-11 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of Intel 8008 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-11 1976 1600A-1607A Analyse Fonctionnelle du Microprocesseur 8008 Intel (French Translation of AN 167-11)
AN-167-12 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of Fairchild F8 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-12A ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of Mostek F8 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-13 ? 1740S The Role of Logic State Analyzers in Microprocessor Based Designs
AN-167-14 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of 8080 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-14 1976 1600A-1607A Analyse Fonctionnelle du Microprocesseur 8080 (French Translation of AN 167-14)
AN-167-15 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of Intel 4004 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-16 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of Intel 4040 Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-17 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of National IMP Microprocessor Systems
AN-167-18 ? 1600A-1607A Functional Analysis of National Semiconductor SC/MP Microprocessor System
AN-167-19 ? 1600A-1607A Systematic "turn-on" of Microprocessor Systems Using Logic State Analyzers
AN-170-1 ? 8640A-B HP 8640A/B Signal Generator Output Level Accuracy
AN-170-2 1975 8640A-B HP 8640A/B Signal Generator Third-Order Intermodulation Characteristics
AN-171-1 1974 8640-8405A Crystal Testing with the HP 8640A/B and HP 8405A
AN-171-2 1974 8640B Extending the 8640B Frequency Down to DC
AN-172 1970? - The Fundamentals of Electronic Frequency Counters
AN-173 1974 5340 ++ Recent Advances in Pulsed RF and Microwave Frequency Measurements
AN-173-1 1975 5345A Dynamic Measurement of Microwave Voltage Controlled Oscillators with the 5345A Electronic Counter
AN-174-0 ? 5345A Index to the AN 174 Application Notes Series
AN-174-1 ? 5345A Measuring the Transfer Characteristic of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator
AN-174-2 ? 5345A Measuring Differential Nonlinearity of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator
AN-174-3 ? 5345A Measuring Integral Nonlinearity of a Voltage Controlled Oscillator
AN-174-4 ? 5345A Measuring Dual VCO Tracking Error
AN-174-5 ? 5345A Determining Probability Densities (Histograms) with the 5345 Electronic Counter
AN-174-6 ? 5345A Measuring the Stability of a Frequency Source
AN-174-7 ? 5345A Measuring Fractional Frequency Deviation (Short Term Stability of Oscillators)
AN-174-8 ? 5345A Measuring FM Peak-to-Peak Deviation
AN-174-9 1974 5345A Making Automatic Phase Measurements with the 5345A Electronic Counter
AN-174-10 1974 5345A Measuring Electrical Length (Delay) of Cables
AN-174-11 1974 5345A-59308A Measuring Warm-Up Characteristics and Aging Rates of Crystal Oscillators
AN-174-12 1974 5345A-59308A Measuring Frequency Sweep Linearity of Sweep Generators
AN-174-13 1974 5345A-59308A Measuring the Tuning Step Transient Response of VCO's to 18 GHz
AN-174-14 1987 5345A Radar System Characterization and Testing Using the HP 5345A Electronic Counter
AN-175-1 1974 MLA Microwave Link Measurement - Differential Phase & Gain at Work
AN-176-8/16 ? - Gas Chromatography / Mass Spectometry Application Notes Series
AN-181-1 1974 5340A Measuring Linearity of VCO's from 10 Hz to 23 GHz
AN-181-2 1974 5300B Data Acquisition with the 5300B Measuring System
AN-181-2 1986 535X Voltage-Contolled Oscillators Characterization
AN-183 1978 8755 ++ High Frequency Swept Measurements
AN-185 1974 1722A Waveform Parameter Measurements Using the Microprocessor Controlled Oscilloscope Model 1722A
AN-185-2 ? 1722A Transmission Line Matching and Length Measurements Using the Microprocessor Controlled Oscilloscope Model 1722A
AN-185-3 ? 1722A Percent Amplitude Modulation Measurement in the Time Domain
AN-185-4 ? 1722A Elimination of Computation on Analog Measurements by Using the Direct Reading Oscilloscope Model 1722A
AN-186 ? 1722A Dual-Delayed Sweep for Precise Time Interval Measurements
AN-187-2 1975 8620-8709 ++ Configuration of a 2-18 GHz Synthesized Frequency Source Using the 8620C Sweep Oscillator
AN-187-3 1976 8755-8410 ++ Three HP-IB Configurations for Making Microwave Scalar Measurements
AN-187-4 1976 8620-8709 Configuration for a Two-Tone Sweeping Generator
AN-187-5 1976 8620-5340 Calculator Control of the 8620C Sweep Oscillator Using the Hewlett-Packard Interface Bus
AN-187-6 1979 8620-8709 ++ The Frequency Performance of the 8620C Sweep Oscillator Under Remote Programming
AN-188 ? 3050B Thermocouple Measurements with the 3050B
AN-190 1975 8620-8709 ++ 40 GHz Frequency Measurement with Standard HP Instruments
AN-191 1976 534X-5363A Precision Time Interval Measurements Using an Electronic Counter
AN-191-1 1977 5359A-5363A Automatic Zero Calibration of the 5359A Time Synthesizer at a Designated Remote Location
AN-191-2 1977 5359A Determining Digital Circuit Timing Tolerance to Optimize Adjustment or Design
AN-191-3 1977 5370A Precision Time Interval Measurements in Radar Applications
AN-191-4 1978 5370A Using the 5370A Universal Time Interval Counter to Characterize Pulse Width, Repetition Rate and Jitter
AN-191-5 1980 5370A-5363B Measurement of Propagation Delays Using the 5370A Time Interval Counter and 5363B Time Interval Probes
AN-191-6 1980 5370A-5363B Precise Cable Length and Matching Measurements Using the 5370A Time Interval Counter and 5363B Time Interval Probes
AN-191-7 1987 5370B HP 5370B Universal Time Interval Counter - High-Speed Timing Acquisition and Statistical Jitter Analysis
AN-192 1975 358X-855X Using a Narrow Band Analyzer for Characterizing Audio Products
AN-195 1975 8011-8015 Pulse Generator Techniques in CMOS Applications
AN-196 1975 436A Automated Measurements Using the 436A Power Meter
AN-196-1 1979 432C Automated Power Measurements Using the 432C Power Meter - Including Waveguide and Fiber Optic Measurements
AN-197-1 1975 5501A Laser Interferometers for Position Feedback
AN-197-2 ? 5501A Laser and Optics
AN-198 1975 1230A Event-Related Triggering a Clear Solution for Digital Signals
AN-199 ? 133X Small Screen Displays Medical Diagnostic System Applications and Interfacing



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