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The Showroom


A real showroom is under construction in the curator's actual home. It will look like the panoramic picture shown above. The 60 years has been divided into three 20 year periods, each filling a 4 meters long wall, the three walls forming a U will offer an overall look at the full story when viewed from the entrance of the showroom.
Needless to say that this will be a very short-form of what could be a full size exhibition using all materials of the collection. But the Memory Project is a project, therefore it will grow...

Most of the work done to build the Quick Tour of this web site, will be used as a story board for the guided visit of this showroom.

The beginning of the installation of this showroom is planned for the end of 2006. We will report step by step upgrades of this installation and illustrate with photos on this page. The start of new work will be announced like every improvement of the web site in the News chapter.


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