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Other Hewlett-Packard Web Site Links


The HP Web Site



The HP Web Site has various dedicated Historical chapters, an interactive timeline, and a Virtual Museum which are the main sources of the official history.

The Agilent Technologies Web Site



This is the Main Agilent Technologies Web Site with link to its Home Page and link to the chapter dedicated to the history of the company.



The Hewlett-Packard Alumni Association


One of the most complete and up to date listings of links to sites and articles on HP history is maintained by the HP Alumni Association. It includes links on the company, the founders, products and reminiscences, and reference sites.

The HP Alumni Association is a non-profit association of former HP employees. Membership is open to anyone who has worked as a direct HP employee continuously for at least one year – and to current HP employees who are within three months of their last working day. The HPAA is an independent volunteer organization – not endorsed or supported by the Hewlett-Packard Company. There is no charge to join the HP Alumni Association.

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