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Hewlett-Packard Other Publications



Many other publications have been published by HP. Some were "Internal Only", used to give HP's technical, marketing or sales personnel confidential information about company related activities and guide lines. We own a lot of such documents. We will use the information they contain for cross-checking historical facts, but the contents will remain private.

Other HP Publications, Where to Find


Watt's Current


Watt's Current was the first HP employee news letter published from 1943 until 1971. 322 issues were published over it's 27 year existence, and they are very difficult to find today.
16 issues published in the 1967 to 1971 period are available on Glenn Robb's website




Measure Magazine


The first issue of MEASURE magazine was published July 1, 1963.
Measure Magazine was edited monthly up to the Company split in 1999. Most of the MEASURE Magazine issues published between 1963 and 1999 have been scanned by Glenn Robb and are available as PDF files on his hparchive web site.



Annual Reports


The first HP annual report was published in 1957.

An almost complete collection of HP annual reports is available for download as PDF files on the Australian HP Computer Musueum, managed by Jond Johnston.




Computer News

Computer News was a bi-weekly internal publication for HP sales people. Computer News ran articles on new product introductions, price changes, promotions, customer upgrades, product obsolescence, support programs and other issues of interest to HP sales reps.

Many issues published from 1980 up to 1989 are available for download as PDF files on the Australian HP Computer Musueum, managed by Jond Johnston.



Keyboard Magazine

During the 1970s, Keyboard was the end-user magazine for all HP desktop computers and peripherals, including the 98X0 and 98X5 computers. The magazine was published between three and six times per year. Keyboard is a great source of information on the desktop computers and peripherals.

The Australian HP Computer Museum has a fairly complete collection of Keyboard from the 1970s available for download as PDF files.




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