The Collection

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The collection Catalog:

Menu on the left gives access to listings of the collection devices. Classification has been done with respect to the original Hewlett Packard Product Lines of Instruments & Computers.

The listings give the following informations:

  • MODEL Nbr - As listed in the Hewlett Packard catalog.
  • RANGE - For instruments, the frequency range category (note: MW stands for Microwave).
  • INTRO & Pg - Year and page of the catalog in which the device was listed for the first time.
  • HPJRNAL - Article related to the device published in the Hewlett Packard Journal (if any).
  • COMMENTS - The very minimum short-form specifications that characterize the device.


The collection Database:


Rather than the classified but static listings above, the direct access to the database below, gives a "LIVE" access to the major information of the full database. You can filter items using the search box, or sort columns in ascending or descending order, by clicking the cursor in the column title box.

The HP Instruments Database

Click the image below to launch the instrument database


The HP Computers and Peripherals Database

Click the image below to launch the computer database




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