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Hewlett-Packard Application Notes


Introduction by John Minck

In a real sense, Hewlett-Packard sold MEASUREMENTS as well as products. According to one marketing professional, when you go to a hardware store to buy a 5mm drill bit, what you really want is a 5mm hole. So, likewise, as HP developed their massive line of innovative measurement instruments, the customers often had to be educated in the newer processes of the new measurement techniques, permitted by the newest product.


In-depth discussions of important techniques developed by HP engineers and written by them are published in the Hewlett-Packard Application Note Series. In the HP numbering and archiving strategy, Application Note titles were assigned to generic measurement tutorials, which might cover multiple instrument numbers.
Another category of technical notes were called Product Notes. Product Notes were instrument-specific and although a wide range of topics were permitted, in general, PNs expanded on instrument performance characteristics beyond the Technical Data Sheet of product descriptions and specs.


Application Notes Recently Scanned and Added as downloadable PDF Files

Date AN Nbr T I T L E
Jun-19-2014 AN-221 Semi-Automatic Measurements Using the 8410B Microwave Network Analyzer. . .
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-1 Troubleshooting Microprocessor Syst. Using the 5180A and a Logic Analyzer
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-2 Teaming Up a 5180A and Spectrum Anal. for New Time-Domain Meas. Capabilities
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-3 Using the 5180A to Measure Microwave VCO Settling Time and Post Tuning Drift
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-4 Extending Frequency Range and Increasing Effective Sample Rate on the 5180A
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-5 Power Supply Testing with the 5180A Waveform Recorder
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-6 Recording Sonar and Other Signals Using the 5180A's Toggle Mode
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-7 Interconnecting Two or More 5180A to Obtain Multiple Input Channels
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-8 Using the DMA Capability of the 5180A with the 9826 Desktop Computer
Jan-21-2014 AN-313-9 Using the 5180A to Evaluate Floppy Disc Media and Drive Electronics
Dec-23-2013 AN-117-1 Microwave Network Analyzer Applications
Dec-23-2013 AN-371 HP 71400 Lightwave Signal Analyzer - Measuring Modulated Light

Download it from the listing below


Application Notes (even old ones) are being posted by the Agilent Technologies Company. Starting from the Agilent's web site home page, select "Technical Support" and "Application Notes" then, filling the search box with the AN number you are looking for, you can get results that include vintage application notes.

You will find below a listing of the original paper edition of Hewlett-Packard Application Notes available in our collection. Lines appearing in blue in the listing are links to the PDF files of the scanned original Application Notes. Most of these scans are homemade ! They are not copied from other sources on the Web. Scans are made at a resolution sufficient to allow good printing quality, and the shape and colors of the original document are preserved. New scans are added from time to time, mainly when the covered subject is important to the publication of a new chapter of the web site. We also have frequent requests from visitors searching for a vintage HP Application Note. We are always pleased to help for serious work. So, don't hesitate to ask, if the AN you are searching is listed below, we have the original. Just fill in the form on the Contact Us page.

The listing gives the following information:

  • AN-Nbr - The original numerical classification made by HP.
  • DATE - When their is one appearing somewhere in the application note.
  • Related Instr - The instrument for which the application note has been edited (if any). Or the
    instrument typical of the AN subject. XX number completion is frequently used and
    the "++" notation stand for "reference to the overall product line of the instrument listed"
  • TITLE - The exact title and sub-title if any of the application note.


Application Notes
AN Number DATE Related Instr TITLE
AN-03 1958 - Measurement of RF Pulse Carrier Frequency
AN-04 ? AC-4A Model AC-4A Decade Counter
AN-06 1960 - Homodyne Generator and Detection System
AN-06-65 1965 69XX DC Power Supplies - Harrison/HP
AN-07 ? 430C Hewlett-Packard Model 430C Microwave Power Meter Accuracy
AN-09 ? 490A Doppler Frequency Shift Simulation at Microwave Frequencies using Traveling Wave Tube Amplifier
AN-10 ? - Microwave Spectrum Synthesis with the Traveling-Wave Tube
AN-11 1955 - Domesticating the Traveling Wave Tube
AN-12 1959 - How a Helix Backward-Wave Tube Works
AN-14 1955 49X Traveling-Wave Tube Amplifiers
AN-16 1964 - Waves on Transmission Lines
AN-17 1966 - Square Wave & Pulse Testing of Linear Systems
AN-18 1959 - Introduction to Solid State Devices
AN-20 1961 612A Signal Generator Output Attenuators
AN-20 1965 612A HP Signal Generator Output Attenuators
AN-21 1961 - Microwave Standards Prospectus
AN-24 ? - Pulse Modulation of Audio Oscillators
AN-25 1961 120-130-1XX Cathode Ray Tube Phosphors and the Internal Graticule Cathode Ray Tube
AN-29 ? - A Convenient Method for Measuring Phase Shift (With CRT Graticul Mask)
AN-30 1964 608-803-417 Measurement of Cable Characteristics
AN-31 ? 202A Externally Driving the 202A Low Frequency Function Generator
AN-32 1963 50X-56X Guide for Selecting HP and DYMEC Digitizing Instruments for Specific Applications
AN-36 ? - Sampling Oscillography
AN-37 1959 120A-130A Monitoring a Radio Transmitter Signal with a 120A or 130A Oscilloscope
AN-38 1962 - Microwave Measurements for Calibration Laboratories
AN-41A 1960 405AR A Hold-Off Circuit for the Model 405AR Digital Voltmeter
AN-41B 1960 405AR Increased Resolution for Permanent Records of DC Voltage with hp Model 405AR
AN-41D 1960 405AR Decreasing the Response Time of the Model 405 Input Filter
AN-43 1960 344A Continious Monitoring of Radar Noise Figure
AN-44A 1960 185A Synchronizing the hp 185A Oscilloscope
AN-44B 1960 185A More Information and Easier Pulse Analysis with the Model 185A Oscilloscope
AN-44D ? 18X Characteristics and Use of hp Sampling Oscilloscope Probe and Accessories
AN-45 1963 428A Direct Reading Test Meter Simplifies Magnetic Ink Printing Quality Control
AN-47 1961 524C-D Providing 100-, 1,000-, and 10,000-Second Gate Times for the hp Model 524C/D Counter
AN-48 1965 218A Applications of the hp Model 218A, a Versatile General-Purpose Pulse and Delay Generator
AN-52 1965 5060A ++ Frequency and Time Standards
AN-52-1 1974 - Fundamentals of Time and Frequency Standards
AN-52-2 1975 - Timekeeping and Frequency Calibration
AN-53 1962 185B Transmission Line Testing Using the Sampling Oscilloscope
AN-54 1964 416B The Ratio Meter in Microwave Swept-Frequency Measurements
AN-55 1962 302A Converting the Model 302A Wave Analyzer for Use with Grounded-Input Recorders
AN-56 1967 - Microwave Mismatch Error Analysis
AN-57 1965 34X Noise Figure Primer
AN-57-1 1983 8970A Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure Measurements
AN-57-1 2000 859X-NFA Agilent Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Noise Figure Measurements
AN-57-2 1988 8970B Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy
AN-57-2 2001 8590X-346X Noise Figure Measurement Accuracy - The Y-Factor Method
AN-57-3 2000 - 10 Hints for Making Successful Noise Figure Measurements
AN-58 1963 8714A The PIN Diode as a Microwave Modulator
AN-58 1967 - The PIN Diode as a Microwave Modulator
AN-59 1965 310-1110A Loop Gain Measurement with hp Wave Analyzers
AN-60 1967 4XX-34XX Which AC Voltmeter ?
AN-61 1964 690-691-130C Leveled Swept-Frequency Measurements with Oscilloscope Display
AN-62 1964 1415A Time Domain Reflectometry
AN-62 1988 54120T TDR Fundamentals - For Use with hp 54120T Digitizing Oscilloscope and TDR
AN-62-1 1988 54120T Improving Time Domain Network Analysis Measurements
AN-62-2 1990 54120 TDR Technics for Differential Systems
AN-62-3 1990 541XX Advanced TDR Technics
AN-63 1968 8551A Spectrum Analysis
AN-63A 1967 8551A More on Spectrum Analysis
AN-63B 1968 8441A The 8441A Preselector : Advancement in the Art of Spectrum Analysis
AN-63C ? 8551A Measurement of White Noise Power Density
AN-63D 1968 8551A-8406A Accurate Frequency Measurement: An Application of Spectrum Analysis
AN-63E 1969 8551A Modern EMI Measurements
AN-63E-1 1978 - Quasi-Peak Measurements Using a Spectrum Analyzer
AN-63E-1 ? - Quasi-Peak Measurements Using a Spectrum Analyzer - Corrective of AN63E-1 Above
AN-64 1965 43X Microwave Power Measurement
AN-64 1968 43X Microwave Power Measurement
AN-64-1 1977 43X Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements
AN-64-1A 1997 EPM-44X Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements
AN-64-2 1978 436A Extended Applications of Automatic Power Meters
AN-64-3 1980 436A-346A Accurate and Automatic Noise Figure Measurements
AN-64-4A 1997 EPM-44X 4 Steps for Making Better Power Measurements
AN-65 1965 690C-D Swept Frequency Techniques
AN-66 1965 690 Swept SWR Tests in X-Band Coax
AN-67 1968 1415A-1815B Cable Testing with Time Domain Reflectometry (With TDR Slide Rule)
AN-68 1965 8614-8616B Accurate Receiver Sensitivity Measurements
AN-69 1965 34XX ++ Which DC Voltmeter ?
AN-70 1969 740-741B Precise DC Measurements
AN-71 1966 606-608 Advances in RF Measurements Using Modern Signal Generators 50Kc-480Mc
AN-72 1966 5201L-5551A Integral Counting
AN-73 1966 5201L-5551A Calibration of a Gamma Ray Spectrometer
AN-75 1966 1415A Selected Articles on Time Domain Reflectometry Applications
AN-76 1967 230A Using the 230A Power Amplifier
AN-77-1 1967 8405A Transistor Parameter Measurements
AN-77-2 1966 8405A Precision Frequency Comparison
AN-77-3 1967 8405A Measurement of Complex Impedance 1-1000 MHz
AN-77-4 1968 8405A Swept-Frequency Group Delay Measurements
AN-78-1 1966 DYMEC-2801 Calibrating the Quartz Thermometer
AN-78-2 1966 DYMEC-2801 Molecular Weight Determination with the Quartz Thermometer
AN-78-3 1968 HP2801A Calorimetry and the Quartz Thermometer
AN-78-4 1968 HP2801A A Glossary of Terms Pertaining to Temperature Measurements
AN-78-5 1971 HP2801A Applications of the Quartz Crystal Thermometer
AN-81 1967 203A Low Frequency Phase Shift Measurement Techniques
AN-82 1966 - Power Supply/Amplifier Concepts and Modes of Operation
AN-83 1966 - Increased Output Resistance for DC Regulated Power Supplies
AN-84 1967 1416A Swept SWR Measurement in Coax
AN-85 1966 5280A Using a Reversible Counter
AN-86 1968 4800A-4815A Using the Vector Impedance Meters
AN-87 1967 5210A FM and PM Measurements
AN-88 1970 - Logic Symbology
AN-89 1967 3960-3968 Magnetic Tape Recording Handbook
AN-90 1967 HP-HARRISON DC Power Supply Handbook
AN-90B 1978 HP-Only DC Power Supply Handbook
AN-91 1968 8405A How Vector Measurements Expand Design Capabilities 1 to 1000 Mhz
AN-92 ? 8410 Network Analysis at Microwave Frequencies
AN-93 1969 540X Statistical Analysis of Waveforms and Digital Time-Waveform Measurements
AN-93 ? 5400A Electronic Application of the 5400A (Technical Information Note 93)
AN-94 1968 - Connector Design Employing TDR Techniques
AN-95 1968 8410 ++ S-Parameters… Circuit Analysis and Design
AN-95A 1973 - Selected Reprints on S-Parameters… Circuit Analysis and Design
AN-95-1 ? - S-Parameter Techniques for Faster, More Accurate Network Design (Paper part of AN95)
AN-96 1969 5105-5110B HP Direct-Type Frequency Synthesizers Theory, Performance and Use
AN-98-1 ? 3722A Noise at Work - Model 3722A Aids Design of Process Control Systems
AN-98-2 1969 H01-3722A Noise at Work - A Point by Point Correlator for the H01-3722A
AN-99 1968 8541A 8541A Automatic Network Analyzer Measurement Capabilities



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