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Hewlett-Packard Application Notes



The listing gives the following information:

  • AN-Nbr - The original numerical classification made by HP.
  • DATE - When their is one appearing somewhere in the application note.
  • Related Instr - The instrument for which the application note has been edited (if any). Or the
    instrument typical of the AN subject. XX number completion is frequently used and
    the "++" notation stand for "reference to the overall product line of the instrument listed"
  • TITLE - The exact title and sub-title if any of the application note.


Application Notes
AN Number DATE Related Instr TITLE
AN-200 1978 53XX Fundamentals of the Electronic Counters
AN-200 1997 53XX Fundamentals of the Electronic Counters
AN-200-1 1977 53XX Fundamentals of Microwave Electronic Counters
AN-200-1 1997 53XX Fundamentals of Microwave Electronic Counters
AN-200-2 ? - Fundamentals of Quartz Oscillators
AN-200-3 ? 53XX Fundamentals of Time Interval Measurements
AN-200-4 1997 53XX Understanding Frequency Counter Specifications
AN-201-1 1976 2108A ++ Automatic Q-A Evaluation of Precision Resistors
AN-201-2 1976 2108A ++ Measuring Differential Non-Linearity of a Voltage-Controlled Oscillator
AN-201-3 1976 2113A ++ A Multiple Station Electronic Test System
AN-201-4 1977 HP1000 ++ Performance Evaluation of HP-IB Using RTE Operating Systems
AN-201-5 1977 HP1000 ++ The HP-IB Link: Control of Distributed HP-IB Devices
AN-201-6 1980 HP1000-9825 Computer Communications: HP 9825 - HP 1000
AN-201-7 1978 HP1000-3455 High-Performance Software for the HP 3455A/3495A Subsystem
AN-201-8 1979 HP1000 ++ The Use of Device Subroutines with the HP 1000 Computers
AN-202-01 1976 2100S-7260A Optical Mark Reader Substantially Incease Productivity
AN-202-03 1976 7261A Distributed Hewlett-Packard Optical Mark Readers Provide Easy Remote Data Collection
AN-204-1 1977 3050B Automatic Accelerometer Calibration Helps Assure Air Dropped Cargo Survivability
AN-204-2 1977 3050 Energy Conservation in a Restaurant - Measurement / Computation Using Hewlett-Packard's Data Aquisition System
AN-205-1 1977 3042A Low Frequency Amplitude Considerations of 3042A System
AN-205-2 1979 3042A Sonar Transducer Calibration - Measurement and Computation with Hewlett-Packard's 3042A Automatic Network Analyzer System
AN-206-1 1977 3045A Measuring Wideband Noise with the HP 3045A Automatic Spectrum Analyzer
AN-207 1976 3045A Understanding and Measuring Phase Noise in the Frequency Domain
AN-210-1 ? DTS-70 Digital Test System - Modeling and Simulation for Digital Testing
AN-210-4 ? DTS-70 Digital Test System - Designing Digital Circuits for Testability
AN-212-1 1977 HP1000 Building an Inventory Control Data Base
AN-212-2 1977 HP1000 Building an Order Processing Data Base
AN-214-1 1977 704X Recording with Input Noise Present
AN-214-2 1977 704X X-Y Recorder Dynamic Response
AN-214-3 1977 704X X-Y Recorder Input Connection Configuration and Input Noise
AN-214-4 1977 704X High-Sensitivity X-Y Recorder Has Few Input Restrictions
AN-216 ? 3570A-3571A A Guide to the Use of HP3570A and 3571A Analyzers
AN-218-1 1977 8671A-8672A Applications & Performance of the 8671A and 8672A Microwave Synthesizers
AN-218-2 1977 8671A-8672A Obtaining Millihertz Resolution from the 8671A & 8672A
AN-218-3 1978 8660-8672A A 1 MHz to 18 GHz Signal Generator with 1, 2, or 3 Hz Resolution
AN-218-4 1979 8672-938-940A Synthesized Signals from 18 to 37,2 GHz Using the 8672A
AN-218-5 1981 8672A-11720A Obtaining Leveled Pulse-Modulated Microwave Signals from the HP 8672A
AN-219 1977 8505A HP 8505A RF Network Analyzer Basic Measurements
AN-220 1977 8565A Operating the HP 8565A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-221 1977 8410B-9825A Semi-Automatic Measurements Using the 8410B Microwave Network Analyzer and the 9825A Desk-Top Computer
AN-221A 1980 8410B Automating the HP 8410B Microwave Network Analyzer
AN-222 1977 5004A A Designer's Guide to Signature Analysis
AN-222 1977 5004A Guide d'Utilisation de l'Analyse de Signature (French Translation of AN 222)
AN-222-1 ? 3060A Implementing Signature Analysis for Production Testing with the HP 3060A Board Test System
AN-222-2 1979 5004A Application Articles on Signature Analysis
AN-222-3 1980 5004X A Manager's Guide to Signature Analysis
AN-222-4 1977 2240A An Intelligent Analog/Digital Subsystem to Simplify Product Test and Equipment Control - Signal Conditioning: HP 22914A Card
AN-222-5 1982 500X-HP85 Increasing Productivity in Manufacturing and Service with a Logic Troubleshooting System
AN-222-6 1983 5006A Troublshooting with Composite Signatures
AN-222-11 1981 500X A Signature Analysis Case Study of a 6800-Based Display Terminal
AN-222-12 1982
A Signature Analysis Based Test System for ECL Logic
AN-223 ? 1600A-1741A Oscilloscope Measurements in Digital Systems
AN-224-1 1977 2240A An Intelligent Analog/Digital Subsystem to Simplify Product Test and Equipment Control - Measurement and Control Examples
AN-225 1978 5390A Measuring Phase Spectral Density of Synthesized Signal Sources Exhibiting F0 and F-1 Noise with the 5390A Freq. Stability Analyzer
AN-225-1 ? 5390A Measurement Considerations when Using the 5390A Option 010
AN-226 1977 9850A-9825A Automatic Transceiver Testing with the 8950A
AN-227 1977 8016A Word Generator Techniques in Multi-Channel Applications
AN-229-1 1977 7221A HP-Plot/21 Software Conversion Guide
AN-231-1 1979 3779 Single Channel Codec Testing
AN-231-2 1983 3779 Codec Testing with the HP 3779C/D Primary Multiplex Analyzer
AN-231-3 1984 3779 Making Telecommunications Measurements in Complex Impedances
AN-233-1 1981 1610A Funtional Analysis of Signetics 2650 Microprocessor Systems Using the 1610A
AN-233-2 ? 1610A Funtional Analysis of TMS 9900 Microprocessor Systems Using the 1610A
AN-233-3 ? 1610A Funtional Analysis of Z80 Microprocessor Systems Using the 1610A
AN-233-4 ? 1610A Funtional Analysis of 8080 Microprocessor Systems Using the 1610A
AN-233-5 ? 1610A Funtional Analysis of 6800 Microprocessor Systems Using the 1610A
AN-233-6 1980 1610A-B Functional Analysis of HP-1000 L-SeriesComputer Using the 1610A/B
AN-233-7 1980 1610A-B Computer Performance Analysis Using the 1610A/B
AN-234-1 1977 8568A 8568A Spectrum Analyzer Operation
AN-235 ? 654A-3320C An Introduction to Balanced Circuits and Impedance Matching
AN-236-1 1977 - A "MAKE" or "BUY" Analysis for Power Supplies
AN-236-2 1979 - Two Power Supply Redundancy Schemes
AN-236-4 1981 65000 EMI/RFI and HP 65000A Series Power Supplies - Meeting FCC and VDE Requirements for Computing Equipment
AN-238 1980 4140B Semiconductor Measurements with the HP 4140B Picoammeter / DC Voltage Source
AN-238-1 1981 4140B-HP85 Ultra Low Current Semiconductor DC Parameter Measurement System using HP 4140B
AN-240-0 1977 5420A Analyse Numérique de Signaux (French Translation of AN 240-0)
AN-240-1 ? 5420A Digital Signal Analysis - Feedback Control System Measurements
AN-240-1 1979 5420A Analyse Numérique de Signaux - Mesure sur les Systèmes Asservies (French Translation of AN 240-1)
AN-240-2 ? 5420A Improving the Accuracy of Structural Response Measurements
AN-240-2 ? 5420A Amélioration de la Précision des Mesures de Réponse de Structures Mécaniques (French Translation of AN 240-2)
AN-243 1994 3582A The Fundamentals of Signal Analysis
AN-243-1 1983 358X Effective Machinery Maintenance Using Vibration Analysis
AN-243-1 1994 3562 Effective Machinery Measurements Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers
AN-243-1 1983 358X Maintenance de Machines par l'Analyse de Vibration (French Translation of AN 243-1)
AN-243-2 1991 3562 Control System Development Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers
AN-243-2 1987 3562 Measuring Switching Power Supply Stability with the HP 3562A (Supplement of AN 243-2)
AN-243-3 1992 3562 The Fundamentals of Modal Testing
AN-243-4 1989 3562 Fundamentals of the Z-Domain and Mixed Analog/Digital Measurements
AN-243-5 1992 - Control System Loop Gain Measurements
AN-243-6 1992 3562-3577 Control System Measurement Fundamentals Using Dynamic Signal Analyzers and Accessories
AN-243-7 1995 358X Bearing Runout Measurements
AN-245-1 ? 3582A Signal Averaging with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-245-2 ? 3582A Measuring the Coherence Function with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-245-3 ? 3582A Third Octave Analysis with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-245-4 1979 3582A Accessing the 3582A Memory with HP-IB
AN-245-5 1979 3582A Log Sweep with the 3582A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-246 1978 3585A Using the HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer with the HP 9825A Computing Controller
AN-246-1 1979 3585A Optimizing the Dynamic Range of the HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-246-2 1981 3585A Measuring Phase Noise with the HP 3585A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-250-1 1978 - HP-IB / Power Supply Interface Guide
AN-250-2 1979 - Battery Charging / Discharging (Lab & Industrial Power Sources)
AN-260-1 ? 1615A Understanding Hewlett-Packard's Model 1615A Logic Analyzer
AN-262 1978 1725A Eliminating Time-Base Errors from Oscilloscope Measurements
AN-263 ? 10023A Thermal Measurements of Electronic Components Using the Hewlett-Packard Temperature Probe
AN-270-1 1978 8568A An Example of Automatic Measurement of Conducted EMI with the HP 8568A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-270-2 1980 8568A Automated Noise Sideband Measurements Using the HP 8568A Spectrum Analyzer
AN-271-1 1978 1350A-9825A Adding Soft Copy Graphics to 9825A Based HP-IB Systems Using the Model 1350A Graphic Translator
AN-272 1978 1743A Precise Time Interval Measurements Using the Crystal Controlled Time Base Model 1743A Oscilloscope
AN-275 1979 1640A Symptomatic Troubleshooting of Computer Networks with the HP 1640A
AN-275-1 1979 1640A Using the HP 1640A Serial Data Analyzer with the Epitape Recorder
AN-275-2 1979 1640A Using the HP 1640A Serial Data Analyzer with the Spectron T-511 Tape Unit
AN-276 1980 133X Continuous Tone Imaging with Cathode-Ray Tube Displays
AN-280-1 ? 1602A Making Complex Measurements with the HP Model 1602A Logic State Analyzer
AN-280-2 1978 1602A Monitoring the IEEE-488 Bus with the 1602A Logic State Analyzer
AN-280-3 1978 1602A The 1602A Logic State Analyzer As An Automatic Test Instrument
AN-280-4 1979 1602A Using 1602A's for Measurements on Wide Buses in Manual and Automatic Modes
AN-281-1 1978 HP1000 A Way to Get Higher Performance from HP 1000 Computers
AN-281-2 1978 HP1000 HP 1000 M-Series to E-Series Microprogram Conversion
AN-281-3 1978 HP1000 Using the HP 1000 E-Series Microprogrammable Processor Port
AN-282-1 1978 6940B 6940B Multiprogrammer System Throughput Analysis for Multiprogrammer Systems Using the 9825A Desktop Computer
AN-283-1 1981 8662A Applications and Measurements of Low Phase Noise Signals Using the 8662A Synthesized Signal Generator
AN-283-2 1979 11721A External Frequency Doubling of the 8662A Synthesized Signal Generator
AN-283-3 ? 8662A-8663A Low Phase Noise Applications of the HP 8662A and 8663A Synthesized Signal Generators
AN-285 1979 4904A-4930A Successful Buried Cable Fault Locating
AN-286-1 1980 8901A Applications and Operation of the 8901A Modulation Analyzer
AN-286-2 1981 8901A Accurate Mixer/Amplifier Compression Measurement Using the 8901A Modulation Analyzer
AN-287-1 ? 5328A Waveform Analysis Using the 5328A Universal Frequency Counter
AN-287-2 ? 5345A-5359A Frequency Profile Using an HP 5345A Electronic Frequency Counter and an HP 5359A Time Synthesizer
AN-287-3 ? 5370A-5359A Frequency Profile Using an HP 5370A Universal Time Interval Counter and an HP 5359A Time Synthesizer
AN-289 1979 8165A A Stimulus for Automatic Test
AN-290 1980 - Practical Temperature Measurements
AN-290 1997 - Practical Temperature Measurements
AN-290-1 1987 - Practical Strain Gage Measurements
AN-290-2 1982 3497A Using the HP 3497A to Control Industrial Wastewater Treatment
AN-290-2 1983 3497A Utilisation du HP 3497A pour le contrôle-Commande du Traitement des Eaux Résiduaires Industrielles (French Translation of AN 290-2)
AN-291-1 1979 5345A-5355A Application Guide to the 5355/56 Automatic Frequency Converter
AN-292 1979 1610A-HP1000 Minicomputer Analysis Techniques Using Logic Analyzers
AN-292-1 1981 1610A-1615A Funtional Analysis of the IEEE-488 Interface Bus
AN-293 ? 1611A Funtional Analysis of Microprocessor Systems with the 1611A Option 001 General Purpose Module
AN-294 1979 8754A-9825A Semi-Automatic R.F. Network Measurements Using the HP 8754A Network Analyzer and the HP 9825A Desktop Computer
AN-296 1980 8170A An Apllications Guide for the 8170A Logic Pattern Generator
AN-296-1 1980 8170A 8170A Logic Pattern Generator Simulates Multi-Channel Serial Data
AN-297-1 1981 8161A 8161A Programmable Pulse Generator
AN-297-2 1981 8161A-5370A 8161A Automated Reverse Recovery Time Measurements of Diodes
AN-298-1 1980 64000 RS-232-C Communications with HP 64000 Logic Development System
AN-298-2 1981 64000 Software Project Management with HP 64000 Logic Development System
AN-298-3 1981 64000 Enhancing 64000 System Assemblers with Model 64851A User Definable Assembler
AN-298-4 1981 64000 HP 64000 Logic Development System Microassemblers for Bit-slice Processors
AN-298-5 1980 64000 Using HP 64000 with Logic Development System Computer Networks
AN-299 1980 1336A Interfacing HP's Model 1336A Display to High-Resolution Imaging Systems



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