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Best informations related to the Hewlett-Packard Computers production story can be found on the following web sites:

The HP Computer Museum

Probably the most complete collection of HP computers worldwide, the museum resides in Melbourne, Australia and is managed by Jon Johnston.

In addition to the very accurate listing of HP's computer production, the Web Site offers a download service containing a huge quantity of original HP software.
Boot disks and utilities for most of the early HP computers can be found and downloaded from the "Resources", "Software" chapter of the Web Site. A great contribution to the HP, computer collectors, community.


The Museum of HP Calculators

The Museum of HP Calculators – Everything you want to know about the history and technical information of HP calculators.

David G. Hicks is the curator of this great collection of HP pocket and early desktop calculators. His web site is a reference for all HP collectors.


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