The HP 1980 Oscilloscope

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HP 1980A/B, First Digital Oscilloscope


Today, the 1980 is 30 years old. In retrospect, with Zvonko's humour and modesty, these fond memories somewhat minimize the extraordinary performance that the conception of such an instrument could represent at that time. The technological innovations integrated into the 1980 have marked the definitive transition from the analog oscilloscope to the digital oscilloscope. The major part of these concepts which govern the architecture of today's oscilloscope have been invented by the teams who developed the HP 1980.


magThe HP 1980A


Inside View of the HP 1980A Oscilloscope


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Top-Inside View of the 1980B Oscilloscope



Animation Display: Inside View of the HP 1980A Oscilloscope


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Cover of Sep. 1982, Hewlett-Packard Journal
Courtesy of the Hewlett-Packard Company

The HP 1980 in the Hewlett-Packard Journal


The September, 1982 edition of the Hewlett-Packard Journal was mostly dedicated to the HP 1980A/B Oscilloscope. The following five articles are reproduced here:


1- Oscilloscope Measurement System Is Programmable and Autoranging

2- Designing the Oscilloscope Measurement System

3- Digital Waveform Storage for the Oscilloscope Measurement System

4- Putting the Measurement System on the Bus

5- Mechanical Design of the Oscilloscope Measurement System






The HP Model 1980 in the 1982, HP General Catalog



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