Publications from the career of John Minck

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Trade Magazine Articles, and other publications from the career of John Minck:



Super-Speed Mathematics

Notre Dame Technical Review, Nov, 1950


Test Equipment Developments Speed Microwave Progress

Electronic Design, Nov 23, 1960


Noise Figure Measurement

Instruments & Control Systems, Aug, 1963

The New World of Light Emitting Semiconductors

Automotive Industries, Oct, 1971


Role of LEDs in Solid State Displays

Automation, Feb 1972


Justifying Automatic Calibration Systems

Instruments and Control Systems, Oct, 1972


How Accurately are you Measuring M/W Power

MWJ, March, 1975


How Multi-Purpose Applications Considerations Determined the Design Strategy of a New Microwave Synthesized Signal Generator

EW Communications, Mar, 1977


Choosing a Signal Source

ED, June, 1977


Microwave Measurements—Mature?

MWJ, circa 1978


Microwave Calendar



Comprehensive Audio Test Equipment

Australian Electronics Engineering, Oct, 1980


Frequency Synthesizers

Electronic Products, Oct, 1980


A Technical Update on the APC-3.5 Coaxial Connector Program and Related Products for use up to 26.5 GHz and Above

circa, 1980


A Computer Controlled System to Calibrate Microwave Power Sensors and Attenuators

circa, 1980


Electronic Measuring Instruments

Wireless World, (UK), Jan 1980


Signal Sources—old and new—leave little room for improvement

EDN, May 13, 1981


A Novel K-Band YIG-tuned Harmonic Multiplier Meets Requirements of 2-26.5 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator

circa, 1981


New 2-26.5 GHz Synthesized Signal Generator has High Performance Pulsing built in

circa, 1981


Signal Generators

EE Times, March 2, 1981


Versatile Synthesizers find Wide Application

Canadian Electronics Engineering, June 1981


Some Considerations in Measuring Noise Figure of Wideband and Band-limited Components and Systems

circa, 1981


Signal Sources—Special Report

EE Times, Dec 21, 1981


Sizing up Synthesizers

Synthesizers, Their Applications, Specifications, and Definitions

New Electronics, (UK), Dec 1981


Microwave Measurements

Seminar Notes



The Impact of a New Noise Figure Meter on Microwave Metrology

Pulse, May, 1982


Pulsed Microwave Signal Peak-Power Measurement Improves

MSN, March, 1984


Microwave Measurements

electronik industrie, (German), Aug, 1984


Checking Microwave Interface Path Deterioration Automatically

Electronic Test, Nov, 1984


Neue Trends der Mikrowellen-MeBtechnik

Mikrowellentechnik, (German), Aug, 1984


Microwave Measurement Trends

Australian Electronics Engineering, Dec, 1984


Microwave Measurement Trends Reflect New Developments and Technologies

MSDH, 1984


Design Trends Evaluated for Passive Components

MSN, Feb, 1986


A (Modest) Proposal to Establish a National Bureau of Standardization

MSN, May, 1986


Instruments Specialize in Vector Modulation

Microwaves/RF, March, 1987


Complex Modulation Testing of Components & Systems Accomplished Using New Tools

MSN, Feb, 1987


Instrument Technology Evolving to Meet Measurement Needs

Microwaves/RF, March, 1987


Programmable Switch/Attenuator Modifications Provide Microwave Test Solutions

Electronics Test, Oct, 1987


Benchtop Signal Simulation Becomes a Reality

Defense Electronics, Nov, 1987


Some Significant Things that have Happened to RF in the Last 10 Years

RF Design, Oct 1988


Shaping the Future of Signal Simulation

Defense Electronics, Mar, 1989


Signal Simulator Hops 3000 MHz in less than 250ns

Microwaves/RF, April, 1989


Automated Calibration System for Excess Noise Sources Assists Metrology Labs

Microwave Product Digest, Feb, 1990


Trends in Microwave Testing

Evaluation Engineering, Dec, 1989


Microwave Measurements, 1970 to 2000

MSN, Jan, 1990


Understanding Measurement of RF and Microwave Pulsed Power

MWJ, Nov, 1991


Digital Progress, Fast ICs Challenge RF/Microwave Test

Evaluation Engineering, Feb, 1992


A New Circuit Architecture for Synthesized Signal Generators

Microwave Engineering Europe, Mar/Apr, 1992


Simulating Communications Systems

T&MW Communications, April, 1992


Increasing the Up-time of Digital Microwave Radios

Telematics, (India), Oct, 1992


Dynamic Ghost Simulation

Broadcast Engineering, Feb, 1993


Receiver Signal Simulation Improves Time to Market

T&M World, Sept, 1993


Multi-Parameter Test System Checks PLLs and Oscillators

Microwaves/RF, Dec 1996


Signal and Network Analyzers Span the Spectrum from audio to light

EDN, Jan. 2, 1997


Garage gives Birth to Measurement Giant

Microwaves/RF 40 th anniversary issue, Aug, 2001



Lectures and Technical Papers:



Assistance Available from a Manufacturer

NCSL Conference, Nov 14, 1973


Computer Instrumentation—Make or Buy?

IEEE Show, 1973


A Management Strategy for Calibration Labs

NCSL Conference, circa 1974


The National Measurement System—A Hidden Giant

NCSL Conference, circa 1975


New Instrument Trends for Electronic Warfare

AOC Show, Sept, 1975


New Trends in Electronic Instrumentation

Society of Military Engineers, Feb, 1976


How Our Stanford Park Products are Used—13-part series

SPD Park Press, employee newsletter, 1977


Design and Measurement Considerations for a 15 Mbps Fiber Optic Data Link

AOC Conference, April, 1978


Instrument Directions in the Eighties—From Dumb to Smart to Wise

June, 1980


Uses for the Microwave Spectrum

FE Training Lecture, circa 1980


How our SPD Products are Used

SPD Park Press, employee newsletter, circa, 1982


Stanford Park Division Profile

Training and Orientation Lecture, Nov, 1990


An Introductory Guide to the Hewlett-Packard Company

Microwave Instruments and Practices, Nov, 1991


Everything You Wanted to Know About Microwave Things,

But Not So Much You'd Have To Get Too Familiar

With James Clerk Maxwell

SR112 Fundamentals Training, 1994



Application and Product Notes:



PN 438-2, When is a Power Meter Not a Power Meter

Aug, 1991


AN332, Microwave Switching from SPDT to Full Access Matrix


AN332-1, More Coaxial Switching


AN43, Continuous Monitoring of Radar Noise Figure

Co-author, Marco Negrete


AN 57, Noise Figure Primer


AN 64-1, Fundamentals of RF and Microwave Power Measurements


AN, Fundamentals of Interference in Wireless Networks

Anritsu, 2003


AN, Practical Tips on Measuring Interference

Anritsu, 2003


RF Interference and 2.4 GHz Wireless LAN

Proxim contract, circa 1998


Agilent Technologies and Communications: Six Decades of Measurement Contributions

Brochure promoting Agilent part of HP, 2000




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