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HP Memory Project Web Site Starts on 15 November 2006

One more thank to Kenneth Kuhn, John Minck, and Glenn Robb for their considerable help. Their intensive contribution gives us the opportunity to put this first release at least one year before our previous most optimistic schedule.

The Memory Project Web Site is at its very early development stage.
The Web Site will be continuously updated.
Additions or modifications of major importance will be announced on the Home Page.
This News chapter is the place to go for a regular check of what's current on this Web Site.

To give a better overview of the actual content, what is already on line, what is coming soon or later, the interactive User Guide below could be helpful.


Interactive Site Map & User Guide

Fly mouse over image map below to get a short description of the actual content of the various chapter of the Web Site.

Links from this image map are active, thus giving the visitor another way to browse the overall Web Site after having a short-form information of what he will find inside.

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