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Opening a New Section on the HP Memory Project Web Site


Since starting in 2006, this website has been devoted to the history of Hewlett Packard's test equipment and computer products.

Our work here has generated so much interest, that many HP employees have contributed their own memoirs. Today, there are 14 personal stories published in the "HP Memories" section. They all give many details about how these products were designed, and/or why the engineering environment at HP was such a special place.

All of these stories are historical treasures. However, we also believe that many people crave technical information on HP’s essential instruments, that is impossible to find on the web. This will be the main objective for this new section of the website.

We will be documenting some of the showpieces of our collection here, together with what we have learned that may be of use to you. Click below to see the first element of this new section:


On the Bench!




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