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The Last Chapter of the 1960-1980 Period of the Quick Tour,


We just added the last missing chapter of the 1960-1980 period of the Quick Tour.

The new "General Electronic Test and Measurement" chapter is introduced by an essay titled "THE BIRTH OF THE U.S.
MEASUREMENT SYSTEM OF THE 1960s" by John Minck. John was National President of the new trade association National Conference of Standards Laboratories in 1978, and published their NCSLI Newsletter for 28 years until 2008. It was a period great growth in international metrology and the awareness of measurement traceability, as it contributed to absolute confidence in the reliability of measured data.

The first three sub-chapters, Analog Voltmeter, Digital Voltmeter, and Data Logger are already on line. The two last one, Power Meter, and Power Supply will be added soon.

We also now have a virtual tour providing an overview of the HP product line evolution history on a 40 year timeline. Mostly illustrated by the showpieces of the collection, it lists all the products which were significant in the Hewlett Packard production. These frequently include significant innovations that HP became famous for from its birth in 1939 through the end of the 1970s.


General Electronic Test and Measurement, 1960-1980


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