Using the HP 8568-8566 Spectrum Analyzer, Stand-Alone


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Everything You Need :

Everything you might need for an in-depth understanding of the Spectrum Analyzer operation is included in the HP 8568A Operation Manual below. By practicing every example listed in this document, the hands-on a 8568 working stand-alone, will make you an expert in a short time.


Cover of HP 8568A Operation Manual
Courtesy of the Hewlett-Packard Company

The HP 8568A Spectrum Analyzer Operation



The 100 pages Operation Manual published in 1978 for the 8568A spectrum analyzer.



PDF File from the original HP 8568A Operation Manual (15.7 Mb)






Print yourself a study-level picture of the front panel controls.

A paper print of the HP 8568A/B front panel function keys could be of help for learning and following the examples listed in the operation manual. Just click-in the picture below to get a high resolution printable picture of the HP 8568.

The HP 8568 Front Panel - Click-in picture for a high resolution printable version




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