3048A Phase Noise Test Set - Displaying Results


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HP 3048A Phase Noise - Display of the Measurement Curves


The software revision of our system includes a small application named GRAFPLUS. It is loaded before the 3048 main program, and it runs in the background, giving the ability to dump the screen contents of the controller at any time during the measurement process. The dump can be made to a printer or to a graphic file. The 3048 software offers the possibility of some data manipulations, but they are very limited compared to what can be done with today's computer graphic tools. By the way, we just use the GRAFPLUS utility to export the screen captures as PCX Bitmap graphic files, and then manipulate the curves using Photoshop.

One last tool, developed for a better curves comparisions, is shown below. It was developed in JavaScript language, and is compatible with every internet browser.



HP 3048A with a 8662A Reference Source Controlled via EFC Input
VS HP 8656B - HP8657A & HP8642A Phase Noise @ 500 MHz


HP 8656B

HP 8657A

HP 8642A




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