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Looking For a Permanent Home

This unique collection of historic HP instruments has been collected from all over the world, lovingly restored, and meticulously documented. The collection has been assembled by Marc Mislanghe, who spent his entire professional career either working or consulting for Hewlett-Packard.

Because of his deep appreciation for the company, its forward-looking employment policies, its unmatched technological innovation, and its contributions to the electronics industry and society as a whole, Mislanghe has dedicated the last few years of his life to creating this immense collection of well-preserved HP artifacts: instruments, computing equipment, calculators, peripherals, accessories, and documentation.

Now Mislanghe wants to find a permanent home for this collection—preferably somewhere close to where HP was born in that famous Palo Alto garage behind David Packard's home on Addison Street. The entire collection would need some 2000 square feet of exhibit space at a minimum.

If you are interested in hosting this collection in a public venue or can connect Mislanghe to someone interested in furthering this work, please contact Mislanghe at



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