Tributes to Marc Mislanghe

Picture of Marc Mislanghe
Marc circa 1998

On this page we will post various tributes and remembrances for Marc Mislanghe.  We invite everyone who knew or had any encounter with Marc to send in their thoughts via the Contact Us page.  You can put your thoughts in just the email body or an attached Word document.  Your thoughts can be long or short -- there is no particular length limit.  Don't worry about formatting, as we will adapt what you send to a consistent style and work with you to insure that the final result is what you want.  Each tribute will be presented as a separate pdf and you may include pictures.  It is expected that everyone will have many words of praise but we are particularly interested in little personal stories -- the collection of which would paint a grand picture of Marc in his enthusiastic self.

We think the best way to start this page is to present a brief bio written by Marc himself.

Franck Mislanghe's tribute  Franck is one of Marc's sons.

John Minck's tribute  John worked for HP for many years and has written extensively on the history of the Hewlett Packard Company.  John happily collaborated with Marc on the HP Memoirs content.

Chuck House's tribute  Chuck worked for HP developing oscilloscopes and logic analyzers and is one of the authors of the book, The HP Phenomenon.

Ken Kuhn's tribute  Ken also has a large collection of vintage HP test equipment about the size of Marc's and worked with Marc over the years in pursuit of their common goal of a physical museum of test equipment.